The Political Bureau of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party expanded one-year legal course by Resolution of 187 in 1995,  establishing the Secondary School of Law. The appointment of  first dean of the school was  Durzee Ch in academic year of 1956-1957 has set up roots for establishing School of Law in Mongolia.



The Central Committee of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party issued the “Resolution on Establishment of Law faculty at National University of Mongolia”, which assigned to enroll 30 students in the first year, to set up 4 years period of study,  adopt curriculums, establish legal department, and invite professionals from the Soviet Union thus establishing grounds for preparing legal professionals.



In academic year of 1960-1961, Law faculty  was opened as a part of Linguistics and History Department, and it started to conduct its first activities with  34 students lectured by  two lecturers Luvsansharav D. (Graduated with law  degree in the Soviet Union)  and Sangidanzan D.  (Legal history researcher).



In Early 1960s the faculty personnel was formed by appointment of  E. Avirmed,  who graduated Lomonosov Moscow State University  as a lecturer of state and legal theory, G. Sovd,  who graduated Sverdlovsk State University as a criminal law lecturer and  Head of department, the deputy director of Council of Ministers and the former minister of foreign affairs S. Avarzed as international law lecturer, and L. Yundendorj who graduated Lomonosov Moscow State University as lecturer of criminalistics.



Extra additional law classes and evening classes at NUM were opened under the Joint Resolution № 71 of December 16, 1961  of  the Central Committee of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party and the Council of Ministers. It was the beginning of the integrated system for preparing lawyers in Mongolia.



In 17 February 1962, the President of NUM issuing the order № 71 to appoint Chairman of the Supreme Court Kh. Damdin, Deputy Chairman  of the Supreme Court D. Luvsansharav, Director of Law Committee S.Jalan-Aajav, expert D. Namsrai, Head of Department of  State Prosecutor Authority  R. Michael  and Member of Advocacy College Khorloo  as part time lecturers of Law faculty has became crucial step for combining theoretical and practical education.



Based on Resolution 154 of 1990 of the Government of Mongolia, Minister of Education, Minister of Justice, Minister of National development by the joint order of President of Mongolian Academy of Sciences it was decided to merge Legal department of NUM,  Secondary school of legal education and to establish  Legal Education and Research Institute, which was a legal person affiliated to NUM and Mongolian Academy of Sciences.  The Director of Legal Education and Research Institute was the Honorary Lawyer G. Sovd.



School of Law of NUM was founded by merging Faculty of Law of NUM and  State and Legal Institute at the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Legal Study Center under the Ministry of Justice pursuant to the Joint Resolution №53/27 of the Minister of Science and Education, and the Minister of Justice. The first Dean of NUM School of Law was Professor I. Dashnyam (Sc.D).



With purpose to improve the capacity  of the School of Law, in 1994-2000 the class of administrative law, civil law and business entity law classes were opened, as well as  Human Rights Center, Laboratories of Criminalistics and Systematization of Laws, and Comparative and International Law Center were founded, and the School of Law  launched the publication of NUM Law Review.



In cooperation with “Legal Reform Program” and Hanns Seidel Foundation,  School of Law of NUM has been transferred to professor system in order to implement the project “Development of Legal Trainings” since 1 July 1998.



Since 2000,   the School of Law of  NUM has started to cooperate with the University of Munich (Germany) and University of Bayreuth (Germany).  In 2006, with support of Nagoya University (Japan), Research and Education Center for Japanese Law was established at School of Law of NUM. In 2011, with assistance of Kookmin University (the Republic of Korea), Korean Law and Education Center was founded at  School of Law of NUM.



While celebrating its 55th anniversary, under the Resolution №452 of  November 19,  2015  of the Government of Mongolia. the School of Law of NUM was named after its distinguished constitutional law scholar Chimid Biraa (Ph.D), who greatly contributed to the drafting of the democratic Constitution (1992) of Mongolia.