Багш нар

Чадраабал Өнөрбаяр

Доктор, дэд профессор

Холбоо барих

Монгол Улс, Улаанбаатар хот, Сүхбаатар дүүрэг, Нэгдсэн үндэстний гудамж-17, МУИС, 3Б байр




School of Law, National University of Mongolia

Doctor (Ph.D) of Legal Science., Dissertation:

‘History and Development Trends of Constitutionalism in Mongolia’



School of Law, The University of Edinburgh, UK

Postgraduate Diploma in Law



School of Law, National University of Mongolia

Master of Art in Law



Shihihutug Law Institute of Mongolia

Bachelor of Law



Secondary School #2 of Arvaikheer, Uvurkhangai Province, Mongolia

General Education

Заадаг хичээл

Born on 13th of January, 1982 in Uvurkhangai Province, Mongolia. 


2014 to present Associate Professor(full-time) Department of Public Law, School of Law, 

National University of Mongolia

Teaches and reads History of Constitutionalism; Jurisprudence; and History of State and Laws courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 


2014 - 2017 Human Rights and Legal Policy Advisor to the President of Mongolia

Provided legal and policy advice to the President, drafted and co-developed over 40 legislative acts including the Public Hearing Act, Combating Domestic Violence Act, Administrative General Procedure’ Act. Drafted over 30 Parliamentary resolution proposals; and hundreds of Presidential decrees.

Organized and moderated a range of public consultation meetings, forums and discussions with civil society organizations, stakeholders regarding the legal policy and legal and judicial reforms.      


2011 – 2012

Independent Analyst for enforcement of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, UNODC  

Nominated by the Government of Mongolia. Drafted the Country Review Report of the Lao People's Democratic Republic for the review cycle 2011-2012.   

2011 - 2012 Head of Division and Commissioner, National Authority Against Corruption 

Drafted ‘National Programme Combating the Corruption’ approved by the Parliament. 

Managed Departments including Human Resources; Financial unit; Archive and Registration unit, and Policy and Research unit.   


2009 - 2011 Principal Officer, Deputy Head of Secretariat of the National Security Council of Mongolia

Provided legal advices and produced recommendations in relation to Constitutional law, public policy and legislative policy. 




2003-2005 Senior lecturer                 Department of Theory and History of Law

Lecturer                           School of Law, National University of Mongolia

Assistant lecturer               

Organized courses; and read the Constitutional law; History of Mongolian laws, Jurisprudence; Theories of State; and the Human rights for undergraduate students.

2002-2003 Lecturer, Shihihutug Law Institute

Organized courses, and taught the Constitutional law; Jurisprudence; Theories of State, and the Human rights to the undergraduate students. 



2013 – 2017 Member, Board of the National University of Mongolia 

By an election among professors and lecturers of the University. The board is a managing body of the University. 


2012 – 2013 Member, The General Council of Courts, Mongolia (GCCM) 

The GCCM is the constitutional body, functions for ensuring judicial independence, and it recruits country’s all judges. GCCM approves the professional code of conducts for judges.  


2009 – 2010

Senior expert, Open Society Forum (Soros Foundation) 

Reviewed and exercised the policy research projects mostly on judicial independence, civil society, rule of law, and transparency in public administration.


2008 to present Member of Board, EBI Think Tank Institute 

Mongolia’s the first think tank founded by Mr. Elbegdorj Tsakhia, the President of Mongolia prior to his election in 2009 where he had met the President and worked on various policy research and proposals with his institute.  

2004 to present Member of Board, The Open Academy NGO.   

LANGUAGES: Mongolian, English and Russian




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